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"Gurus, Comfortable, Natural Rubber Non-Slip Flip Flops (Without The Annoying Flip & Flop Sounds)

Dance. Walk. Run & Jump. - Gurus Will Always Stay On Your Feet.
With our signature Toe Post & Twist To Adjust Strap, Gurus will always stay on your feet no matter what situation you end up finding yourself in. Suddenly finding yourself needing to spontaneously breakdance? - Well, Gurus are made for you.
Perfect For Any Outfit Or Occasion.
You're in a rush, you've got a busy day ahead. You've packed a change of clothes. But just can't fit in that extra pair of shoes.... Don't stress! Gurus go with any look! From carefree to classy, make it a look with Gurus Flip Flops!
How To Choose A Perfect Fit.
Getting a perfect fit can be a little tricky sometimes. But just luckily Choosing a size at Gurus is super easy! Ready? Are you half a size Eg. 7.5? Then pick the next size up. The M 8/9 If you're just a 7 it's SM 6/7 for you! Easy!...
FREE Returns & Exchanges Within 30 Days.
Hey! It's hard choosing the right size sometimes... And, we'll admit as cool as Gurus are we understand they are not for everyone. So if you happen to choose the wrong size or just feel like Gurus are not for you, simply get in contact with us within 30 days to organize a FREE return or exchange!

INTRODUCING: “Introducing This ‘BIZARRE Little Mushroom’ Aussie’s Have Been Adding To Their Coffee For That ‘Extra” Kick” - Now Available At Gurus! Try It Today For Only $7.99 (Down From Over $34! Including FREE Shipping!)

Looking For More Energy AND Focus Throughout Your Day WITHOUT The Sugars And Nasty Stimulants?

INTRODUCING: “Introducing This ‘BIZARRE Little Mushroom’ Aussie’s Have Been Adding To Their Coffee For That ‘Extra” Kick” - Now Available At Gurus! Try It Today For Only $7.99 (Down From Over $34! Including FREE Shipping!)

Looking For More Energy AND Focus Throughout Your Day WITHOUT The Sugars And Nasty Stimulants? 

Well this might be the best thing you’ve come across all day! And... We want you to try our fun new fun-ghi for for Only $7.99 

Never heard of Lion's Mane Mushroom before? Let’s get you up to speed! 🙏

This mighty mushroom can be found in Asia, North America and Europe (Personally we have sourced our PREMIUM grade Lion's Mane from the heart of Asia) 

The superfood for a super mood! Alright I’ll stop with the cheesy puns now. 

Basically the Lion’s Mane is dried then chopped into a really fine powder… From there Aussies have been adding it to their coffees, smoothies, shakes, vegemite toast, cereals pretty much anything. Seriously Aussies go crazy for this stuff (And we don’t blame em) 

From professional athletes, creatives, entrepreneurs, yogis and everyday Australians, people everywhere rely on Lions Mane daily for a multitude of health benefits such as: 

Boosts Cognitive Function:
Lion’s Mane also promotes learning and memory by strengthening your brain cells and stimulating the growth of new neurons! Reduced inflammation improves blood flow, which provides your brain with more oxygen. More oxygen in your brain means better brain performance, period.
Improves Focus And Mood:
Think free, and feel good. Studies show that Lion's Mane can help positively affect mood and focus.
Help Stimulate Creativity And Curiosity:
Experiments conducted on mice showed that Lion's Mane re-stimulated interest in their environment and increased their curiosity for exploration.
Reduces Inflammation:
Lion’s Mane mushrooms contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that may help reduce the impact of illnesses.
1 Bonus I'm With Earth Stickers!
Made from recycled plastic vinyl! Eco-friendly and weatherproof! As well as some bonus basil seeds so you can grow your own herbs from our 100% fully compostable packets!

Why YOU Need This Mighty Mushroom In Your Life!...

Improves mood - Get That NATURALLY NICE Buzz through your day.

Heightens focus - For when you need to be at your best!

Stimulates your imagination and curiosity - Go on Picasso! 

Full of powerful antioxidants - Eliminate "stress" the modern day killer.

Powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve mild symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

PROTECTS by helping boost immune system activity.

Basically if you are looking for a way to improve focus, reduce stress, anxiety AND boost immune function Lions mane is your new best friend! (And so are we!) 


When Can I Expect To See Results? Everyone is different depending on their sensitivity. In some cases, the benefits of our product may be felt instantaneous while others may experience subtle influences at first, and notice cumulative effects developing over time. For great results, we recommend consuming Lion's Mane regularly for at least 30 days.

How Can I Use Lions Mane? You can use Gurus Lion’s Mane in a variety of creative ways. For fast absorption, add directly to water, hot tea, coffee, nut milk or juice. They can all be used as a great base or addition to your smoothies, elixirs, raw desserts, in your baking recipes or simply sprinkled on your favorite ice cream, yogurt or cereal. The possibilities are endless! And if you’re a real badass, simply throw those superfood powders straight into your gob and swallow!

Are there any side-effects? Studies on Lion’s Mane mushrooms show it to be safe even in extremely high doses. So unless you are consuming it by the kg you should be just fine!

Will Heat Make Lions Mane Less Active And Beneficial? This varies depending on each herb. Most herbs have already been processed (extracted) using heat (hot water) which makes them perfect to add into boiling water or cooked meals such as soups and hot tea elixirs. However, we never recommend boiling them for too long.

Other raw herbal powders (not extracts) such as Pine Pollen for example, may be best taken or served in their raw state. Overheating these powders may result in a minor loss in nutrition.

What Will I Get When I Purchase This Product?: 1x 50g Gurus Lion’s Mane packets, 1x “I’m With Earth” Recycled vinyl sticker & some basil seeds to grow your own herbs when you finish! 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!: Used all your packets and don’t love em or feel a difference? No worries! Simply send the packs back to us (for free!) for a full refund! 


Free shipping on anything at Gurus ANYWHERE in Australia!

Plant a Tree

for every purchase at Gurus we plant a tree on your behalf! So far we have planted over 100,000 trees!

100% Natural Products & Eco Friendly Materials

Everything in and about Gurus is 100% natural & eco-friendly!

Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia
Gurus Flip Flops Black - Gurus Australia

Gurus Flip Flops Black

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